This week's comments: 9-11 remembrance weddings, physical fitness for boys, and your new band name

November 22 2013 | arielmstallings
This will make perfect sense in a few moments…
This will make perfect sense in a few moments…

There are times when I'm reading random gossip blogs (I KNOW! Reading blogs for pleasure! I don't know how I can still do that), and look at the comment sections and am like "Grumble, how did this website win every single hilariously clever commenter every on the internet!?" This week, those commenters were YOU GUYS. There were so many hilarious and awesome comments that I'm not even sure where to start, so let's just hold hands and dance merrily through the wildflowers of y'all's hilariousness at random…

Offbeat Bride

It'd been a long while since I'd written a navel-gazing "What is Offbeat Bride and what does it all meeeeean" manifesto post (yes, there's a tag archive for that!), and so I cracked my digital knuckles and got down to work last week on A sticky WIC-ket: Offbeat Bride is part of the Wedding Industrial Complex. The conversation on that post was super fascinating, and brought up some of the perennial issues of readers feeling pressured to make their wedding the most perfectest uniquest quirkiest specialist snowflake wedding EVAR. Inspired by the discussion, I linked my post last year about The Onion's Horrible Couple Really Wants Wedding To Reflect Their Personalities video, which prompted this show-stopping comment from Oriah:

Perhaps we should just consider modern weddings "performance art." I'm ready for the naked wedding, the silent wedding, the reverse wedding, the superheros wedding, the masquerade ball wedding, the dolphin wedding, the dueling banjos wedding, the poi wedding, the flash mob wedding, the trapeze wedding, the surprise wedding, the bowling wedding, the dogsled wedding, the Stanley Kubric wedding, and let's never forget "the 9-11 remembrance wedding." If you're not pushing the envelope, you're just following the trends. I'm ready. Give me a damn mustache, your signature cocktail, bag of rice, bottle of bubbles, paper cranes, tambourine, glitter, pop-gun, light saber, disposable camera, and some sparklers… and get outta my way… I'm heading into the photo booth. 🙂

Oriah, forgive me: I had to go through and edit your comment to add links to our bottomless and much-beloved tag archives. (Well, I say much-beloved… that's mostly to editors, who slave over them and do quarterly taxonomy maintenance. I'm not sure most readers realize the tag archives exist.) Oriah manages to perfectly skewer the trends we all know, while emphasizing that it doesn't matter if it's been done before if you're having the time of your life. Gimme the tambourine, ladies. WE'RE GOIN' IN…

Offbeat Home & Life

Ok, so over in the land of Offbeat Home & Life, we did a post with a tip about where to source books for your book-killing craft projects. Despite the first-person advice from a librarian explaining that libraries HAVE to destroy books, and you might as well snag some for your projects, a couple readers just couldn't get over it. As one explained, "I think my feelings about these projects are similar to how PETA members feel about leather. I want to get behind these cool ways of using something that would otherwise be wasted, but it just seems so WRONG."

In stepped our developer Kellbot, who's usually not seen much in our comments, because she's too busy fixing bytes we've broken behind the scenes. But lordy, we need to get that girl out of the digital salt mines more often so she can say shit like this:

Think about it this way: a lot of libraries are filled with old books with incredibly outdated information.

A librarian friend of mine is weeding the library he works at, and purging books with titles like "AIDS: What we know" published in 1987. At best they're funny and outdated, and at worst they're a liability that someone will pick up the book and think that it represents current information.

Another few titles he just weeded:BWOxSAgCYAAh7dl

  • The Coming War With Japan (1991)
  • Better Physical Fitness for Boys (1961)
  • The Case for Going to the Moon (1965)
  • Giving their all: The Backstreet Boys Rise to the Top
  • Music by Computers (1969)
  • Brad Pitt: Hot and Sexy
  • The Clintons of Arkansas (1993)

…And just in case you're still not sure that weeding libraries is appropriate (I mean, think of the books!), here are a few more volumes Librarian Friend recently purged:

  • Gays In The Military: The Moral & Strategic Crisis (1993)
  • Ahdoolo : The biography of Matthew A. Henson, the Negro who accompanied Peary to the North Pole (1963)
  • J. Edgar Hoover : Modern Knight Errant (1959)

Definitely not the sort of reference books needed in a high school library.

Ok, so who's totally going to make their paper flower wedding bouquet out of Giving their all: The Backstreet Boys Rise to the Top?! Wait, speaking of Backstreet, have you seen their new video which is sticky sweet ode to their kids and 30something dad-abs and AJ's disconnected pompadour and hipster beard!?


Offbeat Empire

On my post about how not to pitch a non-traditional wedding blogger, there was this magical exchange:


Diamond As Dick Size sounds like an awesome track, you guys. I'm in for the dance remix and will totally link the video.

  1. Hey now. That's quite enough self-depreciation. Some of us love and incessantly use the tag archives. I have to look for posts relevant to what is happening in life, what I'm in the mood for, what posts about a very specific subject I've missed. They're way easier than just clicking back, or trying to search for a phrase you hope snags them all! <3

    • SOMEONE LOVES THE TAG ARCHIVES! My heart just melted into my pants.

      Question: how do you usually go about finding or browsing the tag archives? Just clicking links at the ends of posts? Searching for what you want? Going to the archive page?

      • I love the tag archive too! I tend to get one-track mindy and read everything about a topic. It makes me sad when I get to the end of an archive. (thats when I go off into the clicky world of oooh that could be interesting)

        You asked how we use the tags – I will either read a recent post and then see which tags it has and click through from there if it interests me. Otherwise, I'll do a search to find out if there is a tag for it….and sometimes if my work schedule is really pressing and there's no post-uploaded-in-the-last-hour I'll start flicking through the archives from the main page.

        All three serve a purpose – the tags at the bottom of a post tend to me links I read through on a whim and expand my knowledge about the wonderful people on this site (and the strikingly different, and interesting lives). The searched tags are ones which are quite personal to my life and are maybe more relevant.

        Hope that helps a little! The comments on here are superb, and might I add, I shared your analogy on my FB wall today (with credit!). The one with youngsters not knowing code the way we dont know how to repair a car fan belt as our parents did – knowing how you run the Empire is fascinating and makes it feel like we're friends!

      • I usually just go to the page. I have it bookmarked. Though, sometimes I'm get to the end of an article and see it tagged with something I didn't realize had its own tag. (I hope that makes sense?)

          • No, I bookmarked the whole tag archive page. I think I found the OBB tag page on StumbleUpon years ago, and just searched around the site for the Home one. I do wish it was a little more easy to find the archive page from the home pages, though.

      • I love the tag archives too! I click links at the end of post or go to the archives page, depending on what I am looking for. If I'm reading a post and want to read more about the same topic, I use links at the end of a post. If I think of a topic I want to read about when not already reading a post about it, I go to the archive.

      • I use the Archive page. Especially when showing my friends the sites… I'm a chronic list-maker and I struggle with clicking on associated links, so it's like tailoring the site to what I want to read. I pick a tag and then treat the target page as the homepage, as if there were an Offbeat site that only featured corsets, or brides with glasses, or people planning their future families. I love them too!

    • I would like to second this! I love the tag archives. And to jump in on Ariel's question, I use the archive primarily through doing a search for something specific.

  2. I was just glad to know I wasn't the only person with an imaginary band! My imaginary band is called "Swap for Sauce" we're a ska band.

    Also in highschool my sister and I had an imaginary punk band called "Headlice", we had two EP's – "Worse than Dandruff" and "The bugs in your hair".

    Annnd I also had an imaginary all-girl metal band called "Trays of Hands" which was formed in my year 12 (senior year, I guess?) art class.

  3. Amazing. I definitely did a "book in a bag" report on that Backstreet Boys book when I was in 5th grade. I had to summarize the book while pulling representative BSB artifacts out of a grocery bag.
    Obviously a really educational experience.

  4. As a librarian who's spent the last 12 months weeding a collection so that we can reopen after a renovation with an updated collection, I want to add that we do donate non-problematic (outdated science/medical titles etc) titles to places like Better World Books! I actually enjoy weeding when I know it means we can replace stuff with nicer stuff for our patrons! (Plus, some books just gots-to-go.)

    It's funny, because we're a bunch of bibliophiles but staff is less mortified than patrons when it comes to discarding MOLDY BOOKS. MOLDY! Maybe you just become ok with humane book euthanasia after doing it for so long…..OH GOD. ;). But we see so much damage done by patrons that when it's just *time* we feel like they ought to get to rest in peace. We promise we aren't burning them out back!

    The books. Not the patrons.

    We aren't burning EITHER!

    • I can understand the humane euthanasia of mouldy books *nods* it seems reasonable.

      "We aren't burning EITHER!" made me lol.

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