Offbeat wedding market lesson #3: Offbeat Brides just wanna have fun

October 24 2012 | offbeatresilience

Here we are on day 3 of my week-long series about the market research released by Liene Stevens of Think Splendid about the nontraditional wedding market. All week, I'll be putting on my demographer's hat and highlighting five unique aspects of the nontraditional wedding market. Today? Let's talk about what nontraditional couples really want their weddings to be.

Offbeat wedding market lesson #3: Offbeat Brides just wanna have fun

Far and away, the biggest thing nontraditional couples want is not to having a wedding that looks sophisticated, or is spiritual, or even is nontraditional. No, what they really want is just to freaking HAVE SOME FUCKING FUN. I mean yes, they want it to be meaningful (I love that people chose that word over religious or spiritual… it's such a secular way of saying the same thing), and yes they want it to be unique (a goal I've always had reservations about)… but mostly? Overwhelmingly? They just want it to be FUN.

I see the ways in which this comes through a lot with Offbeat Bride's real wedding profiles. While there are absolutely plenty of nontraditional couples who are going for solemnity (see Why my wedding WON'T be just a party where we happen to get married), the majority of nontraditional couples really do seem to just going for pure unadulterated joy. Impressing the Joneses? Meh. Expressing their values? Sure. But mostly, THEY JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN.

My take on this data

Couples looking to have fun don't want to hear marketing language about "your special day" or "the big day." They don't want the pressure — they mostly just want to have KICK ASS WEDDINGS. If you're a vendor looking to target this market, imbue everything you do with this sense of FUN. Yes: this is also a seriously important big event, but the goal for 8 out of 10 of offbeat couples it's making it the most specialist sophisticated fancy-shmancy day possible. They just want to have some fucking fun.

If you're dying to know more about the offbeat wedding market, you can purchase the whole report from SpendidInsights.

  1. Thanks a lot for this…sometimes it's so hard to figure out how to come up with product copy around certain designs and products, and I think my bias is towards solemn/fancy-schmancy just because of some preconceived idea I have about THE WEDDING INDUSTRY. Remembering that people want to have fun (and probably not just obb types) is a good idea.

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