The social psychology of the Share bar

Across all the Offbeat Empire sites, we've always had our sharing bar (you know, the thing that allows you to easily Like or Send via Facebook, Tweet, Pin, etc) at the end of the each post. The theory here was basic: you read the post, then you share.

But I had an aha moment looking at another blog where I realized that share bar also gives an indication of whether you should read the post…so I moved it. The results were immediate and dramatic.


Why our links don't open in a new window (and how to make it so that yours do!)

Once a month or so I get an email from a well-intentioned reader, politely complaining that it would be much more convenient for them if we would make it so that all links on Offbeat Bride opened in a new window. My response is always the same: Not having links open in new windows is a very conscious decision based on my 20 years of internet use.

Here are a few reasons why we don't default links to open in a new browser tab or window: