Bigger pixels: This week's awesome comments (with bonus reader email!)

The thing about the Empire that you've probably noticed is that we love to talk about, joke about, and post about sexy sex stuff… whether it's featuring a guide to buying bedroom toys, or ogling an Offbeat Bride's amazing rack.

This in mind, it shouldn't be shocking to you that our favorite comments of the week are all about boobs and embarrassing toy stories…


7 totally free Photoshop alternatives for adventures in photo editing

Wearing a lot of hats is one of the major down-sides perks of running a small business. And if you're jumping into self-promotion and online advertising, "graphic designer" may end up being one of those hats. Here are some totally free editing tools for your banner-making, photo-cropping, and avatar-creating needs so you won't end up having to use MS Paint.

New nav header, Empire-wide!

We just rolled out a tiny tweak to the headers across the Offbeat Empire blogs! The goal here was four-fold:
* Reduce the "wall of green buttons" by getting the Offbeat Empire blogs into a drop down menu
* Make it easier for readers to find actions like Join, Submit, and Advertise
* Reduce the "tab overload" on Offbeat Bride
* Improve the mobile site and network navigation