How to write your blog’s comment policy

On my sites, I’ve create three slightly different versions of my commenting policy. Here’s Offbeat Bride’s and here’s Offbeat Mama’s comment policy. They’ve proven remarkably effective in dealing with comment drama, and while I would never suggest that your policies should be the same as mine, I can offer some general tips for creating a commenting policy that’s a good fit for your site:

What if you sold headbands?: how to keep your community focused and avoid trying to be everything to everyone

I received an email recently from a reader of Offbeat Bride. She told me she was interested in partnering with me to expand my brand. "Where do you see Offbeat Bride in two years?" she asked. "In five? I'd like to work with you on that level!" It sounded interesting, so I kept reading.

"What if you sold headbands?" her email continued. "I make these headbands, and I'd like to partner with you to sell a custom line exclusively for your readers."