The HOW TO post Catherine should totally write

I use a WordPress plugin called Edit Flow to help manage the Empire's editorial processes, and one of the many awesome things it does is emails me a notification when an editor creates a draft here on

A few minutes ago, I got this email:
[Offbeat Empire] New Post Created: "How to"

How to WHAT, you might ask? HOW TO EVERYTHING.


Let's talk about the challenges of working from home

I'm writing this post while in my pajamas, hung over, and having a little "hair of the dog" after the great time I had at my birthday dance party on a Sunday night. And that right there, is pretty much the best testamant to working at home.

Photographers, independent designers, freelancers… I know you feel me! Working from home is awesome. But can we talk about the challenges of being self-employed and working from home and what we can do to combate those issues?


Favorite comments: drooling, cosplay photographers, and toxic sheens

With the staff retreat last week, we didn't have a chance to run through our favorite comments. (Oh and by the way: did you notice the reduced load of blog posts this week? My editors were too busy drinking wine out of honey bear jars to produce more than the minimum number of posts for this week. I'm happy to report that blog post counts will be back up to normal next week, now that everyone's back at their laptops in their respective cities.)

Anyway! The moral of the story here is that we're all back in action this week, working on posts, chugging away on code, scheming schemes, and enjoying your blog comments. Here are a few of our favorites for the week…


The steps I took to become a work-from-home parent

Every so often someone will ask me exactly how I became a work-from-home parent, and the truth is what you expect: there wasn't one crystal clear moment in which everything lined up and OMG WOW! all of a sudden I was a parent who worked from home. I had to take serious steps to get there, and I take even more serious steps every day to stay here. SO HERE WE GO: I'm gonna break down my particular path for you.