The Dark Day of September 5, 2013, and our brand new server

We're still recovering from our epic outage, which lasted from about 8pm PST September 4th until 4am PST September 6th. By several magnitudes, this was the longest downtime we've had in our 7 years of publishing. That shit was brutal. After troubleshooting on the old server for 20 hours, we decided to abandon ship and move to a brand new server. So far, it's sparkly and doing well.

I've been using the Offbeat Empire's Facebook page to keep everyone updated, but now that offbeatempire.com is back online (on an entirely new server, built from scratch) I'll update this post with updates as we have them.

Two different industries, two different events… all good times!

I used to be really good about getting out to industry events promoting my work and mingling and personal branding and bla bla, but a funny thing happens when you get really busy with running a small business: you stop having time to do anything other than run that small business! (Add a small child on top of a small business and hello, shut-in!) Anyway, over the past year or so, I've been making a concerted effort to get myself back out into the world of my various industries, and these past couple weeks have been EXTRA busy…


Minglo: We had five-across fun!

Wait, is it still morning? (No.) Where am I? (Bainbridge Island, in a yurt.) Whose pants am I wearing? (Mine, but they're filthy.) I'm still a little hungover from all the good times I imbibed last night at the Offbeat Empire's party at Raygun Lounge in Seattle.