Lovesick Expos: 2 down, 4 to go

Whew. You know how Offbeat Bride is co-producing the Lovesick Expos this year? Well, they kicked off this past weekend and in two days, I talked to roughly 1000 people. For a lady like me whose life mostly revolves around sitting quietly in front of a screen working from a corner of my bedroom, it was pretty mind-boggling. (And amazing!)

XOXO Festival: reconciling my two industries

Last fall, I spoke in Las Vegas at Wedding MBA, the largest educational event dedicated to the business side of the wedding business. This fall, I attended XOXO Festival, a tiny conference in Portland, OR for people who make things online. The two experiences were vastly different, and clarified for much for me about the two worlds I divide my time between, and my role in each of them.

This post is long and rambly, but if you're in the mood, come along for the dawdle…

Two different industries, two different events… all good times!

I used to be really good about getting out to industry events promoting my work and mingling and personal branding and bla bla, but a funny thing happens when you get really busy with running a small business: you stop having time to do anything other than run that small business! (Add a small child on top of a small business and hello, shut-in!) Anyway, over the past year or so, I've been making a concerted effort to get myself back out into the world of my various industries, and these past couple weeks have been EXTRA busy…