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March 1 2013 | offbeatbride
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It's been a while since I had the time on a Friday to round up the Offbeat Empire editors' favorite comments of the week, but let's do this!

Offbeat Bride

On the amazing secret D&D lesbian proposal post (which I'm still betting will go viral — it's just TOO FUCKING CUTE), there were a ton of awesome, heart-warming, uber-geeky comments that came in, including this winner from Clare:

What bonuses does the ring give? +5 unbelievable happiness, protection from evil, DR?

So much love to Babelglyph and her girl on their coming campaigns!

Offbeat Home

We ran a post called My house is a mess. Want to come over anyway?, and the comments were filled with clever ways to entertain your friends while hiding the fact that we're all sort of slobs. One of the suggestions was basically to toss all the random shit laying around in a box, and then hide the box (BEEN THERE!)… a suggestion that CheapBubbly then took the next level:

Confession: In my old one bedroom apartment, I boxed stuff up stacked neatly and marked "donate." There were dirty dishes in there, but at least it appeared to be tidy.


Offbeat Families

This was a challenging week for comments on Offbeat Families. There were even more feels than usual — and this is on a site that consistently has more super emo comments than the other sites combined (which is saying something, since its competing with family wedding drama on Offbeat Bride). It was a week where even I had to start posting comments (on Facebook no less!) and I tend to stay as far away as possible from Offbeat Families' comments. That said, Stephanie and I did our best to make sure Offbeat Families readers had a safe, supportive commenting experience, free from our own drama. In fact, Krystal's response to this morning's post about introverted parents actually reminded me of how my staff often deal with moderation challenges:

Something we found that was essential for our survival was communication. If one of us is feeling overdone, we just say it and the other jumps up to take control of the situation and lets the worn out parent have a break.

My staff does this with each other a lot — sometimes the feels that come up with moderating or responding to frustrating emails is just too much, and my editors are pretty good about flagging it when their emotions are interfering with their ability to be objective. Sometimes, we even go so far as the write nice calm rational responses for each other to send… because when you're in the reeds, it can be hard to be objective, and sometimes you just need to call in some back-up to help you keep your game face.

  1. I love these comment round ups! I don't follow the comments on Bride or Families as much as Home and Empire, so I love seeing the gems that turn up here ­čśÇ

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