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March 8 2013 | offbeatbride
Original photo by Ryan Green Photography
Original photo by Ryan Green Photography
Another week, a few more thousand or so comments on the Offbeat Empire! As we often do on Fridays, I ask my editors to weigh in with the comments that most amused them, so that we can come together to celebrate the wit and fabulosity of our community of non-lurkers.

Offbeat Bride

On the amazing technicolor Muppet wedding we featured yesterday, Jaclyn noted:

Every so often I think, "you know, I've been married for over a year and a half, and we have a baby, and I've got a dissertation to write, maybe I should at least stop getting Offbeat Bride e-mailed to me." And then you post THIS and I remember why I keep reading. Squee!

You try to get out… AND WE PULL YOU BACK IN!

By the way, you DO know you can subscribe to follow any of the Offbeat Empire blogs via email, right? In the sidebar of each blog, just look for the the little airmail icon that looks like this:

Offbeat Families

150 comments in on a post about the ethics of "stealing" a baby name, Monk-Monk pretty much summed it all up for us with this bon mot:

DO NOT mention baby names to hormonal pregnant women.

We don't ever like to blame hormones for anything ever, but sometimes yeah. Just… that.

Offbeat Home

Megan did this post about butter candles, and then Kat basically threw down the gauntlet with this comment:

Interesting to know that you can turn butter into a candle but, it would have to be some kind emergency before I would use butter as a candle. If is a zombie apocalypse, I am going to want end of the world pancakes or something. If it is a temporary power outage, go to bed early and have some fun, and my husband chimed in "get out your robe and wizard hat." hehe.

And on that note, we leave you with this, from knowyourmeme.com:

  1. Not sure if it's an issue for you or not, and I don't doubt this has already occurred to you but I just thought I'd note that I get bride and home emailed to me (which is awesome), and I find that because I can read the whole article inside the email, I'm a lot less likely to head to the page and check it out, unless something makes me want to check out the comments, or read it again. Dunno if you can still count page clicks from that? I love the reminder to go see the site (not that I need it) but if it only gave me half the story then I'd be sure to visit every page

    • Thanks for looking out for me! The newsletters are monetized via banner ads, so I'm not too worried about losing pageviews. That said, this is great feedback and maybe I'll experiment with only publishing excerpts to see there's any measurable affect on pageviews.

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  2. Hi, I've been getting the new style emails, with only the little excerpts, and can I just say I hate, hate, HATE them! Before, I looked forward to reading the email each day, now it's a complete pain in the arse to have to trawl over and deal with flicking from wwindow to window to read what I want. Shortly, knowing myself and the demands on my time, I will undoubtedly unsubscribe; they are just so non-user-friendly. Sorry, but just doesn't work for me. Hope you reconsider going back to the old format…

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