Four things you maybe didn't know you could do on the Offbeat Empire

July 2 2011 | offbeatresilience

I've tried to make Offbeat Empire sites pretty easy to navigate, but there are a few little features that aren't immediately obvious. Maybe some of you already know how to do some of these things — but given the emails we receive asking about this stuff, I suspect lots of you don't. Are you ready to take your Offbeat Empire-ing to the next level?

Use Editz to eradicate errors & submit corrections

Ever read a post and notice soemthing wrongg? We'vve got a copyeditor on staff helping us catch errors (thanks, Caroline!) but they still slip through sometimes, and you don't even want to KNOW what kind of grammatical chaos is lrurking in teh archvies. Luckily, at the end of evfery post on the site, there's a button that says Editz. Click it to submit a correction. (Give it a tryy rihgt now! This paragrahp is intenntinoally flul of errorrs.)

Do note that when you submit your Editz, you need to ONLY include the corrected text in your submission. The way Editz works is you submit your correction, and we can approve it, and it's automatically updated. If you include a note or a question with your correction, then if we approve it, your note will appear in our blog post. This means that if you submit a note, your correction will be declined and we'll have to fix the typo manually. Lame!

Subscribe to get posts by email

Look for the little envelope in the sidebar of any Offbeat Empire blog.

Click that little envelope to sign up for our free daily newsletter, which includes all our latest blog posts. You can unsubscribe with one click, if you don't like it.

Create a custom comment avatar

We use a web-wide avatar service called Gravatar to generate our commenter icons. You sign up over there, and your comments on Offbeat Bride (and thousands of other sites) will have your picture!

Find more posts about your favorite topics

And the end of each post on any Offbeat Empire site, there's a list of related post tags. If you see a topic that interests you, click the tag to view lots more on that subject. We've got five years of posts, and we've been pretty meticulous about tagging them.

Any questions?

  1. Hey Ariel,

    The Editz button doesn't work for me in IE – my cache gets cleared every night too… Any ideas?

    • Ooh, thanks for the bug report, Stacey. Can you tell me a bit more about what doesn't work? Which version of IE are you using? What does it do when you click the button?

      • Hi,

        We just fixed the problem with IE9, the editz button should be working now for everyone.
        Please let us know if there is any problem or any suggestion you have.

        Best regards,
        Nestor & The Editz team

  2. Ohhh… the Editz button! My internet life is now complete!

    Actually, you may have just ruined my life by making it possible to feed one of my biggest compulsions ever! If you don't hear from me for a couple of weeks you can probably find me in a dirty pile on my floor, obsessively correcting every typo on all four OBE sites.

    Don't try to get me to walk away from the laptop to like, get some fresh air or something. If you do, I will probably attack you like a cornered feral cat. I will probably also steal *your* laptop so I can get more intertubes to edit.

    🙂 Loving the new site.

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