Noteworthy comments: From Daleks to penguins, the comments that made us LOL this week

October 11 2013 | meggyfin
Photo by Allebach Photography
I'll admit it, y'all: I'm hungover on this lovely morning from the epic bachelor party I threw for my best friend. But that's a story for another day. (I promise to have the full scoop over on Bride soon!) On this morning where I'm not feeling my best, let's talk about the comments that made us feel the best. And by "the best" I mean, they made us L-the-F-OL.

From Dalek puns (yeah, those are things) to wedding penguin freakouts, let's share a couple laughs this morning.

Offbeat Bride

Shondelyn and Tyler had a scuba diving-themed wedding at an aquarium that made all the Offbeat Bride readers freak out. There were sharks. There were octopodes with tentacles galore. There was a purple wedding dress that matched the groom's hand cast. There was this amazing cake topper. There was also an adorable penguin. We think reader Courtney illustrated exactly how we all felt about the penguin wedding crasher:


You all look SO BEAUTIFUL. Congrats. <3

Seriously, you should stop everything and check out this wedding if you haven't already. Spread the penguin love!

Offbeat Home

Oh my darling Homies, I love you. I love you even more when you take the stupid nerd reference puns that I make and run with them. Not only run with them, but just crush my original joke into the a fine dust from the blast radius of your amazing senses of humor. That's why I have more than one favorite comment from Home…

A super-talented Homie uploaded a photo of her home-made Dalek cake to our Flickr pool. Of COURSE I had to feature it with "MASTICATE" in the title. And then the Dalek puns continued in the comments. (WARNING: We're encroaching upon some MAJOR Doctor Who nerd territory here.)

I want to make all manner of terrible jokes. Can I have this cake and exterminate it, too? –uwrugbybunny
What does a Dalek in a fridge say?

Head over to the Dalek cake post to not only see the cake in action, but to keep the puns (and the laughs) coming!

(PS: I know that laughter is the best medicine, but who has a better hangover cure? Oof…)

  1. Oh cripes! I make bad jokes when I'm tired, so I must have been SHATTERED when I wrote that one. Glad someone liked it though!

  2. I have made the noteworthy comments!

    Doctor, you can take me to the battle of canary wharf now and I will gladly fight without fear of being exterminated or deleted. My life is complete now.

    And: The penguin! Genius! We had 'Your personal penguin' as our first dance song… I wish we'd had an actual penguin!

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