Favorite comments this week: 39th birthday edition

Updated Oct 12 2015
From left to right: Catherine (Offbeat Bride Editor), Megan (Associate Publisher), Me, and Caroline (Offbeat Home & Life Associate Editor)
From left to right: Catherine (Offbeat Bride Editor), Megan (Associate Publisher), Me, and Caroline (Offbeat Home & Life Assistant Editor)

Ok, ok! I know it's been forever since we've highlighted reader comments, but I'm going to make it worth the wait by doing more video staff interpretations of some noteworthy comments from this week. Also, it's my birthday, and all my editors gave me the gift of wearing lipstick for our staff meeting this morning (dudes, when you work from home, that is an AMAZING GIFT!) so you get to see everyone looking extra fancy.

Offbeat Bride

I posted a Facebook link to this archived post, and while most of the Facebook comments were lovely, this one was downright hilarious:

Offbeat Home & Life

On this post about alternative fences, our title was perhaps a little unclear. While I usually aim for clarity in titles, maybe in this case it's ok, because it led to this great comment, as interpreted by Catherine:

Ok, as that guy on Facebook would say: lol [huge penis]

Then Megan's life was completely changed by Sara's incredible suggestion on our post about chores:

In fact, Caroline was also inspired by the comments on that same post, especially this one:


Offbeat Empire

Wait, wait! I have to do another one! BONUS COMMENT! This comment came in response to my Offbeat Empire post earlier this week about how much I learn from our reader feedback. Lara said something very sweet…

Thanks to you guys for being hilarious and awesome. Our comments give us life and keep this job very, very fun. Best birthday evar!

  1. Every single one of these made me smile. The comments were great and I love seeing your lovely faces and hearing your lovely voices! Not gonna lie… I want more vlog-ish stuff on the Empire ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Also, I totally let out a huge penis "lul" for "Wait, look! Kitty!"

  2. Yay reader comments! I also was hoping for sword fencing, but I was quite delighted by the cacti.

    Which comment was Megan referring to? I can't get chrome to play vine and instagram videos. ๐Ÿ™

  3. Soooooo…. I may or may not now have a girl crush on Caroline, just sayin' (Hi Kitty!)

    And Happy Birthday Ariel! Also, you have the most adorable laugh at the end of the last video!

    • I wish they could, but here are some awkward truths:
      1. The videos took longer than you might expect

      2. The quantity and quality of of comments we get on the blogs (especially Offbeat Bride) has declined significantly as more and more people comment via their mobiles on FB.

      3. We got requests that the videos should be captioned, which we don't have the time to do… but I respect the request too much to ignore it by doing videos without captions.

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