Why can't I reply to some blog comments?

October 4 2012 | offbeatbride

On the Offbeat Empire sites, we have comment threading — which means you can either respond to the post by adding a comment at the bottom of the post, or you can respond to a particular comment by clicking the "Reply to this comment" link. When you reply to a comment, your response is then nested underneath the specific comment you replied to instead of the end of the comments, creating a little indented sub-thread.

By design, these nested replies only go five responses deep. Any more than that, and all the indentations start to break our page templates and look really freaking bad. On the fifth deep response, there's no reply link.

So, what to do if you want to reply to a fifth reply, and there's no Reply link? My best suggestion is to respond to the fourth reply. That will then put your comment under the fifth reply, meaning that readers will see your comment directly beneath the comment you're responding to. Yes, this can get a bit complex if someone's responded first, but when in doubt, you can always say "I'm responding to So 'n' So's comment" and include the permalink of the comment (which you can get by clicking on the timestamp of their comment.)

Uh. This just made this sound way more complex than it actually is. Basically, if there's no response link, scroll up until there is!

  1. And THAT is how you use MS Paint to brilliantly illustrate what you mean! I'm serious, I am writing this comment specifically because I think your illustration is so clear that it amazed me. Illustration success! Yay. 😀

    (It's the little things. And it's Friday.)

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    • I've been using illustrations like this to convey critical technical information and web design concepts to my developer for a decade now. She calls them "Ariel Drawings." They're all ugly as sin, but usually I'm able to convey technical ideas much quicker this way.

      Here's another example: http://offbeatempire.com/2011/01/how-i-do-wireframes 🙂

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