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Updated Aug 19 2016 (Posted May 27 2016)

offbeat empire lunchboxI got this tweet recently from an Offbeat Empire power-reader named Erica:

Just kind of checking on you — no Offbeat Empire updates in a while.
<3, a concerned fan.

First, this gave me all the warmest fuzziest feels. Yes, Offbeat Empire is a publishing company, a bootstrapped start-up, a decade-long real-life MBA crash-course in business development, content strategy, social media schemes, marketing experiments and more… but it's also my heart and soul and brain, and it means more than I can fully articulate to know that the die-hards care about my business on a personal level.

The most straightforward answer to Erica's message is this: while offbeatbride.com and offbeathome.com are monetized to the heavens, the blog at offbeatempire.com has never been heavily monetized. We experimented for a while a couple years ago with B2B content, but the Empire blog has settled into being more of communications/public relations behind-the-scenes situation. Blog posts on offbeatempire.com are a luxury item — since they don't make money, they're not a huge business priority when other stuff needs my attention.

This in mind, I've shifted the structure of the offbeatempire.com homepage to de-emphasize recent posts (which are definitely coming less frequently as I stay heads-down on the sites that make money) and focus a bit more on just acting as an information page for folks who are like "What is this business that publishes these Offbeat blogs?" That's not to say there won't be blog posts (we're in the middle of a logo rebrand that's fucking awesome and is definitely going to be worth talking about) but offbeatempire.com definitely isn't intended to be a regularly updated blog.

On a more personal level, Erica has a good nose: my personal life derailed completely last fall, and she's right to be concerned. I'm slowly reassembling myself and it's nothing I'm ready to write about yet… but if things smell weird, you're not wrong.
Mostly, thanks to each and every one of you who follow along with the Offbeat Empire. Yes, it's a business. Yes, it's a job. But it's so much more, and a big part of that is the connection I feel with readers. I love you bitches so hard.
  1. Sending love. (And an email to your contact inbox.)

    We'll be waiting with whatever you want to share, whenever you are ready to share it!

  2. Oh man! Whatever happened in your personal life must have sucked. I hope you're ok. Yikes.

    I also love your business-y posts and always look forward to them. 🙂

  3. I've had the same question as Erica. I check the Empire blog about once a week to see if there's something new. I'm glad you're ok, and hope that things are getting back on track for you personally. I'll keep checking for new stuff here, but I'm totally happy with all the awesome stuff that's been on Offbeat Home lately. (And OBB, but I tend to read that less often now that I'm married, it just makes me want to have another wedding.) Keep up the fantastic work guys! 🙂

  4. Oh gosh I've been a bit concerned as well due to the quiet around OBE. Been reading the sites for six years now but rarely participate, though it definitely felt like things were a bit lighter than usual on this end. Hope everything is getting back on track for you!

  5. delurk …
    biggest internet hugs, I hope everything comes out well for you and your family

  6. OK, I'm going to admit it: I'd started wondering whether the Facebook feed had been turned off. So I started entering the web address manually. Like, actually typing in the address. OK…. I lie, I clicked a bookmark thrice weekly. But! Still, I wanted my Empire fix.
    Now I'll practice patience. xxxx

  7. I have been happily lurking through all the offbeat sites off and on for over 5 years and last week I used the Offbeat Empire blog as an example of a social media influencer that I personally follow in my Master's level Social Media course. So I personally love all the marketing posts new and old and hope personal life stuff works it way out because I love the fabulousness that I have come to associate with all of the Offbeat sites.

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