Watch my "Building a Community with WordPress" panel from WordCamp Seattle

August 19 2013 | offbeatbride

In June, I was a panelist at WordPress Seattle. The panel was focused on using WordPress to build a community, and we talked about stuff like the best time of day to post, how to foster constructive conversation instead of bitching, and how to pick the right name for your community. You also get to see someone address me as "YOU, female person on stage."

  1. This is great, I watched the whole thing (in chunks) , I am not a blogger but as an artist I found it to be the equivlant to attending an artist talk, which I love. I guess I am always interested in the insight others have about their businesses and how they came to be where they are at.
    I do have a FB page for my work, so some of the information covered in this video applies to me, even my small corner of the world. The comment that Steve Roy made about 10am being the time most people will check in on social media, that time of the morning has replaced water cooler interaction for many people.
    Also the conversation that took place about having repeat commentors, you have regular commentors that I look for on posts because they are articulate and interesting, Dootsie is a good example of someone that is well written and informative. I also look for staff comments in regards to other people's comments on the Off Beat sites.
    SO much great information, thank you for sharing the video.

  2. Hi Ariel,

    This video came at exactly the right time for me. I just launched my site to a small circle of friends and friends of friends about a month ago, and just opened up a forum about a week ago, only to watch the tumbleweeds blow through it, day after day. I was searching for discussions on whether I should switch from bbpress to buddypress, and found this instead. It was so much more informative than what I was originally looking for! Thanks so much for posting it — I am 13 years past my wedding and would have never found this site had you not put this up. Have a good day!

    • I'm so glad to hear that! I can also answer your question about BuddyPress: NO. Stick with bbpress! 🙂

      • Really? Why? When I looked at it, it definitely looked more complicated, and I hear it slows page load way down. Those two are enough for me, but do you have other reasons too?

        • Buddypress development moves very slowly, while bbpress gets updated pretty frequently. When it comes to open source projects, that kind of thing definitely matters.

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