BRB: Currently at Offbeat Empire staff retreat in Maui

November 3 2014 | offbeatbride


Look, you guys: I know that it seems like it would be all WHEE FUN working for the Offbeat Empire, but the truth is this: I'm a demanding boss who doesn't pay enough and basically leans on all my "part time" staff to be available full-time. I'm terrible at training and too chatty on Slack. My editorial standards are stupidly high (six revisions on a 400-word post about shower curtains, seriously?!), and I'm a total hypocrite ("So, you shouldn't start all these sentences with transitives. And you should also watch for fragments. But don't remind me that you totally learned your style from me.").

This is all to say, while working for the Empire might seem it's all sunshine and rainbows and octopodes, trust me when I say that my staff really truly deserves the annual staff retreats I've been doing since 2011. And we're doing one this week.

In years past, I've flown everyone to Seattle to yurt it up at my mom's hippie retreat space on Bainbridge Island. This year, I let Megan convince me to fly everyone to Maui so that we can stay at HER mom's glittery vacation home. Apparently, Offbeat Empire staff retreats are all about moms and islands.

So for the next week (gah, there I go again with the transitive start!), most of us will be in Hawaii. I'm sure we'll still be working (because I'm a nerd and I like my job and I honestly find lots of my work almost, like, soothing? I start to feel weird if I'm not working), but we'll likely be drunk while we're doing it. Watch Offbeat Bride's instagram for pictures — or maybe try #offbeatretreat? Who's in charge of social media strategy around here?! Certainly not me — I'll just be the drunk one in a muumuu by the pool.

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