Best copyeditor fail of all time (oh, and the new copyediting plugin is live Empire-wide!)

Updated Oct 12 2015 (Posted Jan 14 2013)

So, there it was. Friday afternoon. I'm doing the final review of all the next week's posts for Offbeat Bride and Offbeat Home & Life just like I always do, catching typos (SALUTATION COMMA TITLE, BITCHES!), making random comments (Holy shit, this bride had serious commitment to sparkle motion!), and fixing production errors. Now, you need to know that each post goes through multiple editors' digital hands before I see it — first one of the site's editors produces it and edits it, and then Caroline, our copyeditor combs it over for typos before I do a final review. You also need to know that Caroline has a Master's Degree in American Studies.

Then, you need to laugh at this:
caroline mischan

After mocking Caroline publicly on Twitter (best boss evar!?), she tweeted back:

OMG I caught one of those after CTRL+V & I thought "could you imagine if that was porn and I didn't catch it"

Can you imagine? You'd be there reading your Offbeat Bride wedding profile, "La la la, delicious catering, la la la, mom took care of all the floral arrangements ANAL FISTING THREESOMES WUT"!? In some ways, it'd be the most amazing bride profile ever.

Oh, and a quick heads-up for the copyediting nerds in the house: our new Editz-replacing copyediting tool has been enabled across all the Empire blogs! You'll see the little "Suggest a copyedit" link at the end of this and all other Offbeat Empire articles. To learn more about how to use it, check this updated post.

    • Ariel makes the best references ever. Period.

      Whenever one of my roommates can't come out to the bar with us we scream (playfully!) at her about her lack of commitment to Sparkle Motion. Honestly we should probably just call the apartment itself Sparkle Motion.

  1. ROTFLMAO. Ages ago I caught a typo about a grad program for Chinese Nationalists instead of nationals. Pretty funny considering communism is supposedly really anti nationalist.

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