This week's best blog comments (with bonus weirdest comment of the week)

October 12 2012 | offbeatbride
Every week during our staff video conference, we rassle up our favorite blog comments of the week from across the Empire. Honestly, it's one of my favorite parts of the week. When you spend a lot of time moderating comments all day every day, it can start to make a person a little misanthropic, and it's good for the digital soul to take some time to celebrate the awesome. This week we're going for the hilarious kind of awesome, with knock-offs, blue hair, and selling babies… OH AND someone who likes to play sexy games with their flute.

Offbeat Home

On Would you buy a replica of your favorite designer?, Natalie had this to say:

If someone wants to show me where I can buy knockoffs of anything in the Restoration Hardware catalog, I will send you an autographed picture of me setting my buying ethics on fire.

Offbeat Bride:

While there were great posts about feminism and proposals and kippahs and all sorts of more important things, it was Liset's comment on the What happens when you're invited to a wedding, but your non-traditional hair color ISN'T? post that cracked us up the most:

I've had colored hair for about 8 years now, and ever time someone negatively asks me why I dyed my hair, I just give them this quizzical look and ask them what they're talking about.
"Why is your hair blue?"
"My hair is blue?!?!?"

Offbeat Mama

GoldfishFox gets the gold for her fresh comment on this old post about the Sims:

Funny story: I was dating a guy in college who decided it would be romantic to make him and me in the Sims. Our digital selves soon had a baby, which was adorable and prompted all sorts of heavy conversations. We realized that having a child was something we could maybe, hypothetically see ourselves doing together someday. That all changed when he used a cheat code to SELL OUR BABY for something like a million dollars, and them proudly showed me the expansion he put onto our house with the proceeds. Suffice to say, he is not the man I currently have a child with.

Also this week, we have this truly bizarre comment that came in on a post about Gay and lesbian-friendly wedding cake toppers:

I is His Holyness Sir W____ S. C_____. i is a gay saxafone playa lookin for love I been told me suck on my sax like a reel porn star and always is with positif enagy ful of arrogant love. me look down on racist wite peepol coz me not racist me be man of god me tell da peepol bout baby jesus all da time. me also like play sexy games with me flute. Its so nice! contac me I be His Loftyniss Prince W_____ S. C______. you can cal me Mista C______ if you is handsom man.

Because really: who doesn't like to play sexy games with me flute?! Also, I'm totally adding "positif enagy ful of arrogant love" to my business cards, right under where it says "Bullshit Hippie Capitalist."

  1. the thought of you putting that on your business card just about made me shoot wine out my nose i was lauging so hard. 😉 thanks for that.


    Somebody give this to me!

    ( Just kidding — I can Google it for myself. )

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  3. love the hair dye comment, my usual retort to questions about my hair colour was a look of confusion followed by
    "shit, when did that happen?"

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