This week's awesomest comments: rage cleaning, apologetic Canadians, and Rita's mom

Updated Oct 12 2015 (Posted Aug 24 2012)
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Ooh, another week of our editors picking our very favoritist comments across the Empire's blogs!

On Offbeat Bride's post, Go to bed angry: Unpopular but realistic marriage advice, Donteatmenooo had this observation about post-argument housework:

We now call it Rage Cleaning. It gives me something to focus on, a reason to wander around the house and potentially NOT be in the company of the other side of the argument, and makes me feel like I'm at least getting something done instead of wasting time letting anger get in the way of coherent arguing.

On Offbeat Mama, we had a whole tangential discussion about Canadians and their apologetic ways. While the post was about tween girls feeling disempowered by over-apologizing, the discussion immediately wandered in a very Canadian direction, and I especially loved MichelleZB's observation:

Yeah, we can't include the Canadian passive-agressive "Sorry!" in this. Basically, when someone bumps into you in Canada, you say, "Sorry!" Then they say "Sorry!" back.
It is considered very rude indeed to forgive someone who apologizes to you in Canada. Whatever you do, don't say, "Hey, no problem!" or "Don't worry about it!" They weren't really apologizing to you at all, just following a speech convention which they also expect you to follow.
When you run over someone's foot with your stroller in Canada, and they say, "Sorry!", just look at them in the eye and say, "Oh! Sorry!" It'll all go well.

Really, go read the whole Canadian sub-thread. Our Canadian copyeditor Caroline (who you'll be hearing much more from next week) shared this great story about her own apologetic nature:

Once I was in the States, and someone let a door close on me out of complete carelessness, and I said "Sorry!"

Then I remembered I wasn't in Canada, and I added "…you're such a jerk, that is!"

On Offbeat Home's post 4 common sense tips for not killing your roommate in a double-occupancy dorm, there was a great discussion about the value of roommate contracts, with Meg, a former RA, weighing in:

As a three-year former RA, I just have to say I wish every set of roommates could come to an agreement like this! We always had "roommate contracts" for our residents to sign. Basically each resident would write down their expectations for the coming year–how they would use the room, how they would communicate with their roommate(s), and how they would handle conflicts. This didn't always work, but it was helpful to have that contract to go over if a conflict did arise. Even though it can seem unnecessary or even rude to submit your roommate to a contract like that, I definitely recommend it for roommate situations–whether you're moving in with a total stranger or your BFF, it helps to lay out your expectations from the beginning, so that halfway to fall break your roommate isn't saying "you mean you don't like it when I have a lights-on, music-pumping, dirty hippie orgy while you're trying to sleep?"

Lights-on, music-pumping, dirty hippie orgy: why didn't I get an invitation to THAT party!? Come on, people.

And right here on the Offbeat Empire blog, this response to Rita, this is mom: Facebook comments are the worst pretty much sums it all up:

Now Rita's mom will NEVER let me sleep over again!

  1. Yay! I'm a favourite comment! Was not expecting that!

    Today, somebody's shopping cart ran into mine. I said, "Oh sorry!" and they said "Sorry!" Good times.

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