This week's awesome comments (+ best copyediting note of all time?)

Updated Oct 12 2015 (Posted Nov 29 2013)
You can get these shoes here. By: k.steudelCC BY 2.0
Oh, Thanksgiving week. Normally you're a week of lower traffic… but this week, Offbeat Bride had its highest single-day traffic spike in its almost-7 years online. There were tons of comments on the post that caused the spike, too… although most of them were from wedding photographers bickering over industry stuff. (To the point where we had to be like, "Um, guys: please be nice to each other.")

Separate from that, though, there were some lovely comments that came in across the blogs, and an amazing copyediting correction.

Offbeat Bride

Ok fine, this shoe post went up and Plymouth's comment just came in but it's FUNNY:

Me: Ohh, check out this twisty heel!
Spouse: Harvested from the head of a black unicorn.

Also, I left what might be the most inappropriate comment of the week right here.

Offbeat Home

On How do you Adult?, Caitlin cracked us up when she said:

I'm 24, have a real job and apartment and cooked a full friendsgiving meal this week, all of which made me feel really adult. And yet, the same week, I built a pillow-fort in my living room and had a water gun fight that drenched the entire apartment with my roommates… I'LL NEVER GROW UP! And the great part is, I don't HAVE to!

I think a part of being an adult is accepting your responsibilities, but a bigger and more important part is being happy with yourself and your quirks, even if they include a love of pillow -fort building and bubble blowing and water fighting.

Also on Offbeat Home… you guys know how we have this awesome FIX TYPO button that allows readers to quickly submit text corrections to our copyeditor, Caroline?

Well, yesterday we received what might be the all-time best copyedit suggestion we've ever received:

A new copyedit suggestion has been posted for Use the Map of the Dead to stay alive.

  • Reporter name: Rowan

Original text: zombiepocalypse

  • Copyedit suggestion: zombocalypse

zombocalypse is far more commonly used and accepted in the zombie community

THE ZOMBIE COMMUNITY HATH SPOKEN, and they have linguistic preferences.

Offbeat Empire

On my post about why we swear, Sylvia dropped this amazing idea:

Now I kind of want to see the "THIS!" button replaced by a "FUCK YEAH!" button…

You know, April Fools is only a few months away…

  1. I was going to comment on the photography post and then didn't bother. That happens a lot of the time when there's a photography post on OBB (Going back to before I got married even). I can't help wonder if I'm not the only one who is completely alienated by the shenanigans.

    • Yep, that's what I always want to remind photographers: "you guys, you're totally alienating potential clients right now… Stop being so jerky to each other."

    • I feel the same way about the facebook comments on the "lying to vendors" post that was just reposted today. Even if I can agree with a few of the dissenting vendors' points, their delivery makes me unlikely to ever hire them for anything. And it really doesn't make me want to have a conversation with them.

      • Thing to know about the vendors who follow us and comment only on Facebook: most of them don't actually read the blog, so they don't have much understanding of the Offbeat Empire's culture or readers.

        It's something I've learned after years of seeing FB vendor comments where my editors and I are just like "Wait, have you even READ the blog you're following?" Most of the time, the answer is a simple NO, which is very much in-keeping with this:

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