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Stay short, punchy, and natural: 7 ways to stay motivated to blog on your small business site

Small businesses looking to grow their website traffic (and who isn’t?) know that frequent, relevant content is one of the big ways to keep Google wanting more and thinking you are the shit. Seach engines go batty for content updates, and stagnation is a traffic killer. So what can you do to keep the pixels shaking? Blogging on your business site, natch!

7 totally free Photoshop alternatives for adventures in photo editing

Wearing a lot of hats is one of the major down-sides perks of running a small business. And if you’re jumping into self-promotion and online advertising, “graphic designer” may end up being one of those hats. Here are some totally free editing tools for your banner-making, photo-cropping, and avatar-creating needs so you won’t end up having to use MS Paint.

Online marketing tips for Etsy sellers that will get you to the popular table

You’ve claimed your Etsy name and built up your inventory, but how do you make sure anybody knows you exist? It’s like that high school crush all over again! Don’t fret, my pet. We can snag the Jake Ryan of the online retailer world. Here are some handy-dandy online marketing tips for your fledgling (or totally veteran) Etsy business.

7 tips for search engine-friendly URLs to let Google make sweet love to your website

I get to see a lot of URLs pass my virtual doorstep in my dual editor/vendor relations roles. Almost everyone has some grasp of SEO and the tools that help us tread those nasty waters. But inevitably, I also see tiny ways we might be tripping ourselves up when it comes to SEO. And so often they are easy-peasy fixes. I’ll be talking about these strategies in a few posts, starting with one of the most basic: the slick and simple optimized URL!