How are all those projects coming?

Updated Oct 12 2015 (Posted Dec 3 2014)
Working from yurt
I'm working from a yurt at my mom's this week.

A few weeks ago, I barfed out the massive list of projects that the Offbeat Empire is trying to crank out before January. Anyone feel like revisiting how things are going?

Relaunching all six Offbeat Empire sites with new templates

Fuck yes. This is starting to get awesome. The four blogs (Offbeat Bride, Offbeat Home & Life, Offbeat Empire, and the Offbeat Families archive) are getting close to done, with just a few bugs to clean up. In fact, the Offbeat Families archive homepage actually makes the site look better than it pretty much EVER has.

The two other sites (Offbeat Bride Vendor Guide, and Offbeat Bride Tribe) are more complex, but we're looking really good for our December 30th relaunch, which feels great! I'm less scared than I was a few weeks ago.

The burn-down of the Offbeat Bride Tribe

The recoding of the Tribe is so complex that we can't just flip a switch on December 30th to make it magically update to the new templates, so we're shutting it down for two weeks, so we can burn it down completely and rebuild the infrastructure completely. I've been WAY over-communicating the process with Tribe members to the degree where I think even the most obsessive members are like, "Jesus, Ariel shut up: it's not that big of a deal." Awesome!

Launching the Offbeat Bride Weekly iOS app

Sadly, this project has not only been delayed — but called off. I have legal concerns with sharing posts from (would a photographer who submitted to the website in 2008 be upset if we then shared their photos via a mobile app in 2015?), and also hit some bumps with the third party app developer I was working with. The hard truth is this: this wasn't the app that Offbeat Bride readers want. Y'all want a productivity tool, with a checklist and shit. This wasn't that. I think we're better to wait until we can do what people actually want. It hurts me to kill this project so late in the game (and so close to release), but the evidence started stacking up and I know better than to grunt through a half-ass launch of a product that my readers don't even actually want.

Spooling up taint week

Oh ho ho. Yes. It's looking great.

In fact, we saw some taint-week-esque mainstream media pick-up over the Thanksgiving holiday, with Offbeat Home & Life appearing on the Today Show.

Soft-launching Offbeat Industry

I'm so excited about this new business partnership I'm launching with the Lovesick guys, but the site launch is going to have to wait for January, after I've gotten the six Offbeat Empire sites relaunched. Bonus: the new templates are so hawt, that we might just use them for Offbeat Industry. It's going to be awesome, but it's going to be late.

Prepping for the Lovesick Expos

FUCK YES. Getting so excited. Flights purchased. Swag printed. Outfits being assembled. Anticipatory videos being shared on Instagram. So excited to meet readers face to face again… one of the highlights of my year, honestly!

 Get tickets!

  1. Ooh, I had a question about the expos actually! I've heard they're totally awesome, but are they useful if you're not getting married in the area? I have no idea what to expect and the lovesick website didn't give me a ton of info beyond the local vendors that will be there. I'm trying to convince my Seattle-based but marrying-in-Ontario friend that we should go 😀

    • You should go! The expos are totally helpful even if you're not local. Most of the best vendors love to travel. Obviously it's a smaller list… but the events are just so freaking FUN (and we have a coupon going up on Offbeat Bride TOMORROW) that it's worth it.

    • I went to a lovesick expo that was no where near where I was getting married. Was it helpful in terms of finding vendors? Not particularly. I did talk to some awesome online vendors but so far have not contacted or contracted with any of them. Was it still awesome & would I do it again? 100%. I saw awesome stuff, got awesome ideas, & had a great time with a great friend I wanted to visit anyway. I completely vouch for going to a lovesick expo even if you aren't getting married nearby. You will still see some awesome stuff, meet some awesome people (like Ariel), get to eat some awesome samples & if you are like me get an excuse to hang out with an awesome friend. What other wedding expo can offer all that? Plus there was booze at the one I went to. Cannot recommend highly enough! The amount of times I used awesome in this comment should make it apparent, lovesick expos are awesome.

  2. Is it weird that I want to go the Lovesick even though I'm not getting married just because it looks THAT awesome?!

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