Offbeat Bride at Wedding MBA conference in Las Vegas, October 2012 (+registration discount)

And bla bla bla! Photo by Gabriel Fine
Big announcement! I've been booked to speak this fall at the Wedding MBA Conference in Las Vegas, October 2-4. This is a conference for wedding vendor types, and since it's more on the onbeat end of the spectrum, my talk will be angled towards explaining to these more traditional vendors why Offbeat Brides are awesome and what even the most traditional vendors can learn from nontraditional clients.

Here's the overview of what I'll be speaking about:

The Offbeat Bride: How Non-Traditional Weddings Help Your Portfolio and Increase your Bottom Line

  • How is the Offbeat Bride different than your conventional bride and why should you care?
  • Why are even lower-budget nontraditional weddings a great choice for your bottom line?
  • What three things can traditional vendors learn from non-traditional couples
  • The Great White Lie: what Offbeat Brides can teach you about why brides lie to vendors
  • Does your website inspire creative thinking — or does it just tick off creative clients?

I'm stoked to be attending the conference, and Offbeat Bride's managing editor Megan will be joining me, as will our girl Kelli from Shindig Events, who's helping us wrangle our booth. (Wait, we have a booth? At a conference?! I don't even know wtf to do with this thing…)

If any of y'all wedding business types are interested in attending, I've got a discount for Offbeat Empire readers:

  • Discounted price through Wednesday, August 15: $269.00
  • Discounted price after Wednesday, August 15: $389.00

 Register now!

PS: Thanks to my peeps over at MyWedding for recommending me for this speaking engagement!

  1. You know, I don't work in the wedding industry and I don't have a particular interest in the details of planning a wedding. But I looked at the list of topics at this convention and… I want to go! I want to know about "Angry Brides" and "Difficult Conversations" and "Urban Wedding Legends". Do I want to know what the "Mystique of the High End Bride" is? Why yes I do! And what about the "Runaway Bride"? Do I want to know about her? Oh I do, I DO!

    Do I detect theme here? Maybe if I just go watch some reality television the urge will pass.

    4 agree

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