Want to get a publisher's attention on social media? Don't make these 4 social media marketing mistakes

So you're a wedding photographer. Or a wedding planner. Or a florist. And you have something that you think your favorite wedding blog might love — a photo from a recent wedding! A new product you just released! A promotion you're getting the word out about! You turn to your favorite form of social media (Facebook! Twitter! Instagram!) and you get ready to make your pitch to your favorite publisher.
Now stop for a second.


Of shoes and Facebook: Are you smarter than an algorithm?

Offbeat Bride's Facebook page posts as many as 10 times a day (including these ridiculous SHOES AT 2 shoe posts I've started doing), but you only see all those posts if Facebook understands that you WANT to see all those posts. If you consistently ignore them? You see maybe only 1 post a day, or none. In other words: Facebook's algorithms are smarter than we could ever be.

…And they're getting smarter.


Ok yes fine: Offbeat Bride is using Instagram now

UG, YOU GUYS. You know how last month I wrote all about my social media diet and giving up Instagram? Well, totally unrelated to that, I've been having many conversations with many small business people about how Instagram's value as a business tool. Even my husband (a yoga/acrobatics teacher who gets hives at the mere mention of self-promotion) is like "I think I need to start yoga-gramming. It's how all my teacher friends are getting booked for workshops."

So yes, while I'm still avoiding Instagram in my personal life, it's now just like Facebook… something I won't use personally, but am resigning myself to using almost daily professionally. Yep, Offbeat Bride's Instagram account is now out of dormancy and going strong. And of course it's already mostly about my shoes.