How Offbeat Empire comment moderation has changed since 2012

Over the last couple years, however, things have shifted DRAMATICALLY with our comments. The shifts felt so natural to us behind the scenes that they felt kind of gradual, but when I look back I realized that it's been a huge change over a relatively short period of time, all leading up to a dramatic shift that readers may not be fully aware of. Here are a few of the things that have changed…


How to slowly kill a website you love

Last week on Offbeat Home & Life, we published a sponsored post about gender-neutral baby clothes, angled toward the gifts market. Within a couple hours, several readers commented on Facebook and the post itself that the products featured were out of their budgets — which I totally understand and respect. I'm less understanding toward readers feeling the need to post insulting comments when they can't afford a product.


Acculturating new readers who find us on Facebook

Offbeat Bride's Facebook page has blasted into the stratosphere this month, with our Like count going from 33k to 43k in the last 30 days. This is basically an average of about 400 new Facebook followers every single day — way above our baseline. Ok, so this is great, right? So many people finding Offbeat Bride and being introduce to the awesomeness, right? So many new readers! So many new eyeballs! Well, yes and no…


This week in comments: poly husbands, Facebook ads, dead dogs, and marrying Princess Leia

We actually have two Offbeat Bride comments that I wanted to share this week! First, we ran a post about a polyamorous woman who's planning a wedding with her boyfriend, while being legally married to her husband. I'm always a little surprised to see what posts go over the line of "too offbeat" for some of our readers, and this post definitely did it. There were a LOT of mostly-respectful questions (mostly… we had to do more moderating on that thread than I would have liked), and the most frequent one was a dubious, "Uh, what does your husband think of all this?"

Well, the author's husband, Korwin, decided to put that question to rest with one perfectly worded, good-natured comment…