Is social media sharing the new commenting?

As a publisher, I've always prioritized toward comments because it's content that I "own." Yeah, someone else wrote it, but I own the pageviews (and the related ad sales)… and in exchange, I bear the responsibility of keeping those conversations in-line with my brand. Hence, our stringent commenting policies because I believe VERY strongly that if your website's full of assholes, it's your fault.

That said, it's started to sink in that readers aren't coming back to blog comments… and really, social media shares are more valuable for me anyway. Here's why…

PICK ME and other required reading for internet creatives

I've read a bunch of stuff on the internet this past week that I feel compelled to share and discuss.

Frustratingly, I lack the time to actually write thoughtful responses, but my hope is that by sharing them, y'all can benefit, and maybe we can talk about it together.