Steal This Process: Online indie biz ecourse starting January 6th, 2014 (+ an Empire discount!)

Eleanor Mayrhofer, a longtime friend of the Offbeat Empire, is offering a six week online course on time and project management and productivity for indie businesses — AND IT STARTS NEXT WEEK!

With Eleanor's Steal This Process course, students are led through how to do the hard stuff like set meaningful goals, figure out what they need to do to meet those goals, set up a plan for the year, as well as how to develop 'just in time' plans each month and week.


What if you sold headbands?: how to keep your community focused

Suggestions from readers and community members can be a wonderful gift. It's remarkable to have a hive mind of members giving you clear feedback about what they want from you and your community. That said, with larger communities (I'm at 15,000 registered members and 200,000 monthly readers) the sad truth is this:

You can't be everything to everyone.


Existential marketing

After writing about a marketing conference I recently attended, a friend asked me this: Don't [marketing] conferences kill off some small part of your soul? Does every part of our…..