Cross-posting and editorial overlap

One of the unexpected challenges of adding Offbeat Home to the roster of Empire sites was that it added another layer of cross-posting confusion and editorial overlap. Where the heck are we supposed to put some of these posts!?


About the "You might also like" posts you'll see on Offbeat Empire sites

The "related posts" underneath each blog post are served up by a service called Outbrain. The thumbnails include four Offbeat Empire posts and one related-ish post from another blog. The bulleted list of text links beneath are all to other blogs that use the Outbrain service. Each link includes a parenthetical notation of its source blog, so it's easy to see which are native Offbeat Empire links and which are to other sites.


Responsibility deflection

Tavi and I were hanging out on the back patio this morning when one of my neighbors came down the alley in a small moving truck. She used her remote to open the sliding lot gate, and as a friend guided her from the alley, she proceeded to take the corner little too tightly. The side of her truck mashed up against the gate, dramatically knocking it off its rail. She backed up, took the corner wider, and made it into the lot. She hopped out of the truck looking understandably frustrated, and the first thing she said was this:

"Fuck that UHAUL bitch for giving me such a huge truck…"