Love the look of the Offbeat Empire? Now you can hire the designer!

May 28 | offbeatbride

Y'all know who Iris is, right? She's the artist who not only designed the heck out of all the Offbeat Empire's blog templates, but also drew Offbeat Bride's character illustrations. Iris also FUCKING AWESOME… and she's also now available for freelance work:

Obviously, I highly recommend Iris. If you're interested in grabbing some of her time, click here! Oh and PS: Iris told me that if you mention you found her on the Empire, she'll totally give you 5% off. Why? "Because they're my people," she said. AMEN.

  1. Thanks Ariel! Looking forward to meeting some of you! I've had requests in the past thanks to the OBE, but never had a chance to say YES to anyone until now. It's only a month, but it's not nothin'! <3

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  2. Not relevant to the page, but I must say it:
    Iris, you are really pretty.

    That is all

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      • Iris also has awesome style, which everyone would know if she would ever write the guestpost for Offbeat Home & Life. 😉

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    • I was thinking the exact.same.thing. I kept staring at her pic — like whoa. Super pretty! Also, it's fun to finally put a face to the name we've been hearing for so long.

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