Ok yes fine: Offbeat Bride is using Instagram now

January 21 | offbeatbride

UG, YOU GUYS. You know how last month I wrote all about my social media diet and giving up Instagram? Well, totally unrelated to that, I've been having many conversations with many small business people about Instagram's value as a business tool.

So yes, while I'm still avoiding Instagram in my personal life, it's now just like Facebook… something I won't use personally, but am resigning myself to using almost daily professionally. Yep, Offbeat Bride's Instagram account is now out of dormancy and going strong. And of course it's already mostly about my shoes.

…well, and then there's me dancing?

Shit, see? Here I go to hit my rat lever…

  1. I just started trying to decide wether to share my instagram with my clients, since it's mostly babies and nonsense. But I finally decided it was just a small enough look into my life even if it means bombarding engaged couples with images of my 2 year old son tucking ramen into bed like a baby doll (for realz). Excited for Ariel-grams!

  2. Slightly off-topic, but since you've encouraged this kind of thing before … Hot damn that's a fine yogagram!

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  3. I've gotten as far as creating an instagram account for the biz, but not much further (such as with actually posting more than a couple of photos, lol). I've got a few ideas though. Will definitely have to follow OBB there!

  4. Those shoes are by Melissa, right? Most uncomfortable things ever. They are just overpriced, poorly designed jellies. Awful, awful shoes.

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  5. Is "ug" spelled out that way? I usually add an h. Have I been spelling it wrong all these years????

  6. I love the number of views my video of you getting yo' dance on has gotten! You were quite talented with those men on stilts, m'lady! I think your hubby should give stilts a whirl!!! 😀

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Instagram!!

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