Offbeat Mama numbers

I spent yesterday chained to my laptop launching Offbeat Mama, taking breaks only to eat (thanks, Dre!), pee, go to prenatal yoga, and get acupuncture from neighborfriend Charlie (O MAH LIFE IS SO HARDZ!!!). Here's Offbeat Mama's first day in numbers:

  • Number of readers: 3,902
  • Number of pageviews: 22,878
  • Number of times the server threatened to crash due to unoptimized wordpress plugins: 10+
  • Number of new advertisers: 1
  • Number of article submissions: 5
  • Number of comments: 85
  • Number of hours from launch before a reader to spontaneously ranted about the vaccination debate in the comments of a post that wasn't even remotely about vaccinations: 6.
  • Number of minutes it took for me to shut the commenter down with a polite "no one said anything about vaccines and we're not here to argue": 10
  • Number of times I was accused of using "antiquated, ableist language" when I described my pregnancy breasts as "retardedly enormous": 1 (Number of edits I made changing it to "ridonkulously enormous" because well, you know, they're right: 1)

Overall, an incredibly successful launch day. It's clear that server optimization and comment moderation are going to be our two big challenges — but I've got schemes to keep both under control.

BIG UPS to the long-suffering, hard-working unofficial CTO of Offbeat Empires, jmdodd, for spending the day locked in caching craziness trying to keep my server from melting its face off. Seriously, how she manages to manage the back-end of my websites AND take care of four children AND still make it to ballet lessons!? I will never understand, but be eternally grateful.