Offbeat Home vs Offbeat Mama: traffic & ads

This month makes it official: Offbeat Home now has more traffic than Offbeat Mama! In the last 30 days, Offbeat Mama had 117,807 unique visitors, while Offbeat Home got 126,282. This is awesome, and finally matches what I'd always hoped for Offbeat Home: since it's genderless and ageless, it's potentially got a potential for a larger readership than Offbeat Mama.

If Offbeat Home having more readers than Offbeat Mama makes perfect sense to me, here's the mystery that I still can't figure out:

Last month, Offbeat Mama made $625 from direct-sold ads. ("Direct sold" means placement like sponsored posts or banners that were sold directly to advertisers, as opposed to the banner ads served up by Glam or Ad-Sense.) Offbeat Home, meanwhile, made a whopping $58.

In other words, despite the fact that Offbeat Home has a larger readership, and technically a wider range of products we could advertise… almost NO ONE is buying. We had an advertiser who initially wanted to try to sell shoes on Offbeat Mama, despite the fact that readers over there have repeatedly made it clear that they have almost NO budget for incidental purchases like fashion accessories. (The first comment on almost every single Offbeat Mama sponsored post is "TOO BAD I CAN'T AFFORD THIS.") Thankfully, the advertiser was down to switch the post over to Offbeat Home (where we love talking about fashion)… but it was just one more example of how poor Home simply hasn't been able to woo the advertisers.

Lots of schemes in the works to try to turn this particular boat around… oh, but by the way: ads on Offbeat Home start at only $19. Maybe you should buy one?

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