Offbeat Empire at Geek Girl Con

Empire Panel at Geek Girl Con
From left to right: Cat Rocketship (Offbeat Home managing ed), Stephanie Kaloi (Offbeat Mama ed), Megan Finley (Offbeat Bride managing ed, and Empire Associate Publisher), J.M. Dodd (Empire CTO), me, and Meg Keene. Photo by Coco, former Offbeat Bride intern.

Holy crap, you guys. This weekend was INTENSE! You know how there's that whole concept of good stress and bad stress, but ultimately it's all stress? This weekend was the most POSITIVELY stressful few days I've had in YEARS. Amazing.

I'm going to start with perhaps the easiest thing to talk about, which is the Offbeat Empire's time at Geek Girl Con, including our panel on Sunday, "Rocking the Geek Niche."

We all work for various Empires.
Although it was a smaller event (1200 attendees over two days, I think?), Geek Girl Con was filled with the exactly the kind of nerdy awesomeness you would expect — plenty of Stormtroopers (GO EMPIRE!) and Aayla Securas and at least one Slave Leia.

We also spotted some Friends of the Empire in attendance, including Laura from Rebel Belle WeddingsThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them and Jen from Pink Light ImagesThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them, who came all the way from LA and Texas, respectively.

Laura & Megan from Rebel Belle wearing their Luke, I am your wedding planner! tshirts

As for our panel, it was perhaps exactly what you'd expect: riddled with profanity, business strategy, blog monetization, analytics, talk of open source, warm fuzzy empowerment, and a bunny hat that served as a very powerful metaphor. We all wore coordinated harnesses from Clockwork CoutureThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them and some of us wore our Offbeat Empire shirts. (I have extras! I might be selling them. Stay tuned.)

Empire Panel at Geek Girl Con
Cat Rocketship and Stephanie rocking their Empire shirts and talking about their geeky secrets.

Meg Keene kept us all reigned in perfectly, ensuring that those of us with big mouths (*cough* me, Megan *cough*) didn't blabber over those of us who are quieter but have infinitely more interesting things to say (J.M. Dodd). Here was some of the feedback:

And of course, in the nature of panels, the very last question was the one that could have spawned a-WHOLE-nother panel: "How do you deal with editorial controversies?" Maybe we'll get to that next year.

You can see more photos of the panel here, and supposedly Jen from Pink Light ImagesThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them will have a video online in a few days!

After the panel, Ariel ran over to the U. Bookstore booth in the vendor area to sell/sign books. Apparently, most of the copies of Offbeat Bride that they had in stock had already sold (!!!), so it was kind of a funny scene:

Hi! Would you like to buy one of these four books?

For the rest of the weekend, there was mostly just a lot of dorking out, which took various forms:

I'm totally tweeting this right now. Photo by Stephanie Kaloi.
Megan, chilling with Amy Pond and the mini-Tardis.
TK-421 and Stephanie: BFFs FOR LIFE!
From left to right: Megan, Cat, Jen from Pink Light Images, J.M. Dodd, Becca, and Ariel

So. That's how it went at Geek Girl Con. It was good! It was fun! Our panel was hopefully inspirational/entertaining/informative! But really, it was just one small portion of the weekend. Next week, I'm going to tell you about how I can't believe it took me this long to gather my remote staff face-to-face. Coming in a couple days, I'mma tell you allllll about the Offbeat Empire reception we had Friday night. Here's a one teaser shot, from the lens of Jonas SeamanThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them:

Oh wait, wait. One more, featuring Becca and Coco, plus Kelli from Shindig EventsThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them, the planner who wrangled the Empire reception into the Baby Unicorn Birthday Party that it always wanted to be:

More coming Wednesday, after I sleep for about 30 hours.

  1. GeekGirlCon was so so so rad, and I'm so proud of the Offbeat Empire for being a sponsor. I wish I could have gone to your panel, but hopefully there will be another chance in a galaxy not-so-far away?

  2. so – um – are the offbeat empire shirts for sale some where or something? because I really really REALLY want one.

    • I feel like someone owes somebody an awesome shirt… and I'm sure that someone can get ya' hooked up. 😉

  3. As expected, looks like an amazing time! I am so sad that I couldn't make it. I hope you and your staff have another epic party again. It would be a fangirl's dream come true.
    Even though I wasn't able to attend, I'd love to get more info about the shirts. (Still think you should make and sell some Bridechilla shirts as well!!)

  4. Seriously, you guys need to start selling those shirts like…

  5. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am SO getting some stuff together for ya!!!!!!!! i had a blast!!! with all the girls…and just hanging with a cool crowd like yall makes me feel even nerdier! HAH!

    SO great to meet yall!
    until next time.

  6. Yay! Dancing the night away was so much fun! Thanks for the picture of me to prove it happened!

  7. oh, and i really liked when megan said my outfit had that "pixelated" look…i'm totally going to use that in my next geekventure.

    I promise not to take 45 minutes to get somewhere next time. But dang, that PANINI was amazing!!!!!!!!!!! worth the wait!

  8. Aw, it looks like it was a lot of fun! I wish I had been able to go. I'll see you at the next one. 😎

  9. T'was I who asked that last, highly loaded question! Obviously not a good one to bring up at the end but whatever…I had a great time at the con and enjoyed your panel!

    • It was an excellent EXCELLENT question, and something I would looooove to talk about non-stop.

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