Favorite comments: Gorka, Offbeat Mamalies, and interior canals

This is a photo of Mark Freeman, author of the post Bridging the gap with my children's interests: Why one geeky dad is learning to love cartwheels on Offbeat Families
Whew! Another week of working in the trenches of the Offbeat Empire. This week, I put a lot of time in on preparing the annual reader survey, which tends to eat my brain every year right around this time.

As usual, at our Friday staff video conference, I ask my editors to share their very favorite comments from across the Empire's blogs.

Shall we see who was enlightening, inspiring, and amusing my editors this week?

Offbeat Bride

On our post sharing alternatives to the "clinking the glass" tradition, Anya shared what has already become my favorite word:

I am Russian, we have a very fun tradition where all the wedding guests chant "GORKA!" "GORKA!" "GORKA!" until the bride and groom kiss. Gorka means bitter, and the idea is that the world is bitter until the bride and groom kiss and make things sweet again. I recently introduced this tradition to my friends wedding, because I knew the bride had Russian heritage, and it was a blast. Every one got really into chanting a silly word ­čÖé

Offbeat Families

While all our readers seem to have taken to the newly renamed "Offbeat Families" rebrand, behind the scenes we're all still trying to retrain our brains to use the new name. "Offbeat Mamalies" is one that Stephanie seems to be stuttering out a lot.

Stephanie's favorite comment on Offbeat Ma Families was this one from Natasha on the post, Bridging the gap with my children's interests: Why one geeky dad is learning to love cartwheels:

When I was growing up my mom desperately wanted me to be the kind of girl that climbed trees, tried to use the force, and roll 20 sided dice. I just wasn't.

My son definitely inherited the recessive geek gene. He loves all the things I couldn't muster up enough care about as a kid. Now I'm finally memorizing each X power, I have seen the entire Star Wars 6 movie set in one sitting more than once, and I know the intricate difference between the Justice Leauge and the Avengers. Neither my son or my mom has to roll their eyes and give me a whine to correct which comic universe I'm trying to pull from.

Thanks for this post. It put that in perspective for me, and made me smile this morning. It sounds like you are a super amazing dad who really cares about supporting your children's interest and talents. Go you!! At some point you may have a small family member come running up to you on a bright sunny day and ask for your help building a lego Ewok village.
May the force be with you.

Offbeat Home

When I asked Megan for her favorite comments of the week on Offbeat Home, she just sent me this screenshot:

I would normally nix one of my comments being a favorite, but Megan declined to send any other nominations… so I'll just caught and shuffle around a bit.

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