Our favorite comments this week: waffles, "wife-things" super rings, and Boomerang

A screenshot from our weekly staff videochat where we gossip about which of your comments were our very favorites.

Today we are adding a new series to the Empire wherein we feature the editors' favorite comments this week from across all three blogs. This is our way to express our love to our amazing community of more engaged and active readers. Lurkers are cool, but our commenters are our favorite bitches. Let's do this!

On A disappointed bride's 5 tips to get better wedding photos, Offbeat Bride Danielle said:

We nixed the disposable camera idea because we knew we would mostly get shitty blurry shots or the best men's butts.

…although as Superman pointed out, maybe best men's butts are all the more reason to do disposable cameras! http://instantrimshot.com

On Offbeat Mama, we had some great discussion about Going from Child-Free to confused and I'm now I'm grossed out, with this powerful comment from Offbeat Empire's resident Oprah, Dootsiebug:

I know it's easy for someone to say it and hard to believe, but you're not some sort of traitor for having mixed feelings. And you don't have to answer to anyone if you decide to move from the "strong feelings against" camp to "ambivalent/no opinion" (or even to "strongly for".)
Like any other opinion, it's really nobody's damn business how you feel about it if you don't feel like sharing. But if it helps, come up with a few noncommittal lines for when it comes up (as it does often around me.) For me, "People can do whatever they want, but I'm not sure it's for me" or "I just don't think the whole baby thing would jive with my life right now" does just fine. It expresses a little doubt but doesn't seem to negate your previous position.
I'm strongly child free about 90% of the time. The other 10%, I'm totally confused or unsure or sometimes hopeful. And it's really tough to reconcile moments of "YEAH! I could do this!" to "Ugh, babies." But you know what? That's okay. This wouldn't be such a big decision if it were easy to make! I'm allowed to waffle. And so are you.


Meanwhile, over on Offbeat Home, Amelia kept things light in this discussion of How I learned to stop worrying and love the domestic arts:

I too was disappointed that my wedding ring was not a magic "wife-things" super ring.

It's been two years for us and we are still getting the hang of it. Throw a toddler and a pregnancy in the mix… I'm sure my carpet is mostly made of cheerios at this point

And we'll end with this productivity tip that BLEW MY GODDAMN MIND from Rockwell on the post, Working from home: separating personal time from work time:

I use Gmail for work, and there's an amazing plug-in program thingie called Boomerang. It has a few different functions, but I mostly use it to schedule replies. So I'll want to respond to an email at 9 pm on a weeknight, but I don't want the 9 pm timestamp. I compose the message, then use Boomerang to set the message to leave my inbox the following morning. BAM! Makes me look like I am not working all the time! (Bonus: allows me to sleep in a bit, yet gives clients the illusion I'm up and at 'em at 9 am on the dot! WIN.)

And now, we must all go install Boomerang. See you next week for more awesomeness.

  1. This is a cool thing 🙂 I don't think i usually contribute anything clever or funny enough to end up here, but I'll enjoy reading it!

    • Dootsie's Offbeat Mama comment was neither clever NOR funny — it was important and powerful, both things we value highly in comments. 🙂

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  2. I love the Dootsiebug comparison to Oprah. Especially, "Dootsiebug gives everyone a free car!" I really laughed out loud and got a crazy lady look from my dog!

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