Fave comments this week: body image, the soul-crushing nature of copyediting, and living inside a pink stomach

Another week on the Empire means another week of reviewing our very favoritist feedback from a few of our hundreds of smartypants commenters. Come with us as the Offbeat Empire editors call out their favorite comments on our blogs.

We had TONS of amazing comments on my Offbeat Bride post How to deal with pressure to lose weight for your wedding. Brefiks linked an amazing related post called Being Fat at the Holidays, and then there was this kick-to-the-gut comment from Rockwell:

My mom's the type who occasionally made what she thought were "helpful" comments about my body size in a pleasant yet intrusive way ("That skirt looks a little tight on you!" "That dress makes you look hippy."). You know. The well-meaning nagger.

She recently asked me (post-wedding) why I didn't try doing more exercises to reduce the size of my hips and thighs (a quite curvy part of my body that I inherited, interestingly, directly from her).

I looked at her and calmly but firmly said something along the lines of: "I am well aware of what my body looks like. I need you to not talk to me about this anymore. I don't talk to you about your body. My body is not any of your business, only mine, so please don't bring it up again."

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Here on the Offbeat Empire blog, we had a great discussion about copyediting, complete with this observation from Celeste:

I pride myself on my mad editing skillz, but even the best of us makes a mistake now and again. I definitely know the feeling of having your hard work go unnoticed since that's almost the point of our job!

As I noted in my reply, "In this way, copyediting is just like comment moderation… if no one knows you exist, you're doing it right. …which is also an effective way to kill someone's spirit very slowly and completely."

Over on Offbeat Mama, there was talk of how having a baby can change your relationship with your partner. Stephanie and I loved this perspective from Beth:

My child will leave someday. This is normal and natural and it's one of my goals as a parent, to raise a person who can happily live independent of me. (All else being equal, e.g., medical stuff.) But that's NOT what I want out of my marriage. My partner will still be here when the kids have flown the coop, and I want to still like him a lot when that happens. So it's important to focus on our marriage.

On Offbeat Home, Megan did this post: The girliest vintage home you'll ever see. I was dubious when she pitched it, being all like, "I don't know, who cares, this is dumb." But the response was overwhelming, including this amazing comment from longtime Homie, Alissa:

In the early '90s my grandma redecorated her almost-never-used living room in pink. Pink walls, pink ceiling, pink carpet, pink floor-to-ceiling curtains, and furniture that included some pink upholstery. Since everything matches, it WORKS for the room — but I do say it feels like you're inside a stomach.

There was also this hilarious comment from Jan:

Totally impractical, totally not me…and yet…and yet…
I still want to live in it! It's like someone opened my head and whacked my brain with a vintage brick and now I can't think straight.

Moral of the story: we all sort of love pink, even if we're not quite sure how to feel about it. (Also, note to self: trust Megan's taste.)