Rita, this is mom: Facebook comments are the worst

We all know I hate Facebook comments. Here's just one more example of why:

rita this is mom

  1. This is hilarious. Please tell me you left that one up un-edited!

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  2. OMFG that is funny! Also, Rita, your mom and my mom could totally be besties.

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  3. Ariel, this is not your mom. I approve of this message.

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    • Moms on Facebook are fine. Facebook users who don't know understand their privacy settings are the problem. Or rather, one of just many problems.

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  4. Jeez, Sarah Brown. Stop being so fucking ignorant. You're corrupting people's children with your goddamn no-no words. FOR SHAME!

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    • The best part is that Sarah Brown didn't even write the post I linked to! I found it via her, and I was trying to give her credit.

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  5. I'm so confused by this. But I do like comments on posts that ask for the post to be removed from their facebook.

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  6. Aww…lmao. My mom used to get on me about cursing on Facebook but I think she's given up. lol

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    • My mom used to read my stuff through my Dad's facebook, or reading over her sister's shoulder. Once I called home and my dad said my mother was reprimanding me for swearing (contextually I might add) on FB, so I told her she could get her onw facebook and comment on it there. Haven't heard a word about it since!

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