Clear your cache!

May 15 | offbeatbride
By: Tom HenrichCC BY 2.0

Are you trying to load your favorite Offbeat Empire website and having weird issues? Images not loading? Page not loading? Comments looking weird?

If this is happening to you, it's a VERY easy fix:

Clear your browser's cache!

As a web publisher, I'll say that clearing your cache is totally the new "reboot it." If you're experiencing weirdness on any website, clearing your cache is always a great first step… for me, I'd say it resolves weirdness at least half the time. 🙂

The solution is quick: CLEAR YOUR CACHE!

Here's how!

  1. Thanks! I was getting new posts for home, family, and empire, but not for bride. Cleared up quickly!

    • Yep, it all depended on whether you visited the website during the brief server glitch …. if you did, your cache got stuck. If you didn't, you saw new posts and it was fine. So you must have hit Bride during the glitch, but not the others. 🙂

  2. Thanks Ariel
    I was having this problem but a cache clear helped.
    However it keep seeing this same post when I visit Empire and think I'm broken again – lol

    • HA! A true sign it's time for a new post… things have been a bit crazed this past week! 🙂

      1 agrees
  3. I'm having this issue again on offbeat home only.
    I realised the articles were old on August 12th so cleared my cache, read the new articles and was happy again.
    Came back online again today (aug 14) and there's no new articles on home since the 12th

    Google chrome, on ipad

    • …WEIRD! As far as I know, zero changes have been made to our caching settings, and traffic is normal.

      When you clear your cache again, does it fix it?

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