Being in media is terrifying right now

Many thanks to my old blogging colleague Brittney for sharing this tidbit from The Atlantic. Emphasis are mine:

Being in media is terrifying right now. Whereas in the old days, you wrote something and then a fleet of people printed it and handed it to X hundred thousand people so they would read it, now, the fleet is gone. You are alone out there in the ocean and there's not much that anyone can do for any given story to make sure that people read it. Seriously, since the fall of '08 vintage Digg, there's not much anyone on your Internet's favorite websites can do aside from stick a story on the homepage, tweet/Facebook/tumble/Reddit/LinkedIn it and then pray. We do not control the distribution of our work. Period. It's horrible and bizarre and it is also the way that the media world works now. You can't push; the content has to pull.

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Any time people ask for advice about "growing your blog" or "getting your work out there," I have to just shrug my shoulders and say "just crank it out, make it interesting, and make it share-able." I don't know what else to say, other than what The Atlantic does here: your content has to pull, because there's no reliable way to push.