Required reading of publishers, content marketers, and social media dorks

Every once and a while I'll share an article on the Offbeat Empire's Slack, and tell everyone that they need to read it. It's usually something about the future of publishing, or content marketing, or social media. I find all these things fascinating (if a little cynical-making, sometimes), and that in mind, I thought I'd re-share a few of the things I've made staffers read recently…


Our remote working team conflict resolution policy

The Offbeat Empire is staffed by a team of contractors who all work remotely. Sure we're based in Seattle — but I'm the only person who lives here. The rest of the staff is in California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, New Jersey, and Michigan. We keep in close touch via Slack, and we're all nice people… but still: conflicts happen. This in mind, I thought I'd share the Offbeat Empire's official conflict resolution policy.


Psst, vendor friends: special invite for HoneyBook's tools for event planners & creative businesses

Every once in a while I hear about one of my colleagues offering something y'all are going to love. Today, it's a service for my event planner friends and other small biz folks.

Because, you know what's great? Your awesome creative job that you love. You know what sucks? The paperwork. Documents, deadlines, emails, clients… HoneyBook organizes them all in one place so you can focus on the fun parts of your biz.