5 things I learned working for the Offbeat Empire

October 13 | mswolfgang
5 things I learned working for the Offbeat Empire
Chris Wolfgang in her natural habitat in Omaha, Neb. Photo courtesy of Thompson Photography

Oh, hi there! Not sure if you recognize my name — I’m Chris Wolfgang, the assistant editor/copy editor/Queen of Porn at Offbeat Bride. Or rather, I was. Until very recently.

Yes, there comes a time in a woman’s life when she must hand over her crown and head out for parts heretofore unknown in her career.

While I’m sad to be moving on (how many other opportunities will I get to be called Queen of Porn? And keep my clothes on?), I’m ecstatic to say that I have learned an absolute shit-ton working for the Offbeat Empire.

No, sorry, I’m only going to tell you about five of the things I learned. Hold on to your tits.

  1. Internet businesses have gotta be ready to change FAST. What worked five years ago — hell, even last year — is at the mercy of new tech and new user trends. Be ready to try stuff quickly and let it go quickly if it doesn’t work.
  2. A remote team can still feel super connected. Just be friendly on Slack, be interested in the people you’re working with (like, you know, pay attention to their lives, not just work), and remember not to ping people on the weekend just because you’re casually thinking about work stuff.
  3. Learn how the internet works. Learn what Google likes. Learn how to code, dammit. Or at least know how to to format basic text.
  4. Don’t defend yourself to trolls or otherwise angry online people. Trolls aren’t worth the time it takes to piss, readers need to know they’ve been heard, and vendors want shit made right. No one’s interested in your "why," and it takes a lot of energy that you don’t have to expend. Just make sure your readers feel heard when they express concerns. Don't worry about the rest.
  5. Take. The. Initiative. If you’re working online, you’ve got to think for yourself, think fast, and think new. What could your company do that it hasn’t yet? Don’t leave it up to the Peeps in Charge to think of everything.

Ta da! There you have Chris Wolfgang’s Guide to Working on Teh Interwebs Based On What I Learned From The Offbeat Empire. Print it out and stick it on your ice box.

See you around, you lovely Offbeat beings.

  1. We'll miss you! But remember what they say: You can checkout any time you like, but…. 😉

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  2. Best of luck with your next endeavours! Hope we still see you around the Empire sometimes.

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    • Pemcat! I like it when our internet paths cross.
      I echo the sentiment – good luck to you Wolfgang!

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