We're already making changes to the sites based on reader survey feedback

By on Dec 11th

Oh! Look at that! Now it's super easy for Offbeat Home readers to find our archives for Renters, including tons of no-damage decor ideas.

The 2012 Offbeat Empire reader survey has only been up for a couple days, and we're already making changes to the sites based on y'all's feedback:

Offbeat Home

  • We've made it WAY easier to find all our existing posts about relationships, plus renting and no-damage decor (because 43% of you are renters who can't do stuff like paint your walls). We got a lot of feedback from folks who suggested we cover these topics to which we said "Wait, we already are!" and people were like "Oh! I didn't know that tag existed." VOILA!
  • Real Estate Porn: let us never speak of it again. A LOT of you (almost half) aren't into those posts at all. We'll likely cut back to once a month, tops.

Offbeat Bride

  • 22% of y'all don't like the Honeymoon posts, and 21% of Home readers want more travel content… so I think we'll migrate the Honeymoons posts over to Offbeat Home.
  • Despite the WedSites tab that's been built into our header for two years, 19% of you didn't know about our partnership with mywedding, and that there are Offbeat Bride-approved wedding website templates. GASP! We'll have to do a bit more posting about that awesomeness.

Offbeat Mama

  • AM Adorbz: A third of you really aren't into it. Effective immediately, those posts will go from five a week to maybe (maybe) five a month.

Offbeat Empire

  • Apparently y'all would love more staff gossip. Who knew? I added that option to the survey mostly as a joke, but wow. Expect some gossip this week!
  • Lots of you are interested in one-on-one business mentorship. Innnnteresting.

Needless to say, if you haven't taken the survey yet GO TAKE IT! We can't make improvements if we don't hear from you!