People-managing: not just about getting people to do stuff for you

By on Aug 27th

My staff, perhaps wondering if they can safely cash their checks this month.

Last week a colleague noted "When you start working with other people, you spend a lot more time thinking about their paychecks than your own."

AMEN TO THIS. Things were tight over at the Empire this month, and at a certain point I made the decision to pay my staff instead of myself this pay period. Oddly, it was WAY easier to do that than to even consider delaying everyone else's checks.

In some ways, having a staff feels an awful lot like parenthood. I feel the burden of responsibility for making sure everyone's rent can get paid, everyone's learning something, everyone feels encouraged and supported. Having help is awesome (DO THIS! DO THAT! YAY!), but I don't think I ever factored in how much work managing staff was… including the incredible stress of feeling financially responsible for people I deeply respect.

(Oh and thanks to the response to our advertising specials, finances are back to just fine. If you want to get in on that discount, the deal ends in a couple days!)