Offbeat Bride's year-over-year traffic: 80% more visitors in 2012!

By on May 4th

Offbeat Bride's year-over-year stats: visitors up over 80%!

Every month or so, I go into my Google Analytics and do some serious digging around to see how things are looking with the sites.

The big reveal today is that Offbeat Bride is KICKING ASS, with visits up 45%, visitors up 85%, and pageviews up 22%. All awesome — and all pointing to an impending ad rate increase.

But the most insane number to me is looking at referrals, ie websites that direct traffic to the site:

Are you seeing what this graphic is telling you? April 2011, Pinterest sent about 450 hits. April 2012, it sent 35,500 hits — an increase of over 7800%. That shit is fucking insane.