The return of THIS! (now with unTHIS! action)

By on May 23rd

Earlier than anticipated, the THIS! function is back — and it's better than ever! Here are the improvements:

  • Now it's a sexy little button instead of just a text link
  • When you click it, you'll see the THIS! count immediately updated, reflecting your vote
  • You can cancel your THIS! by clicking unTHIS!
  • Comment counts on our homepages have been replaced by a Response count, that includes both number of comments and THIS!s. So for instance, a post with 2 comments that each have 1 THIS! vote would have 4 Responses. The count is then broken out at the top of the comment section, where it reads (for example): RESPONSES: 2 Comments, 2 THIS! votes. Our goal is to more accurately reflect reader/commenter engagement with each post.

Oh and PS: the new THIS! uses javascript and ajax, so if you're using a browser that doesn't support those, it might not be quite as slick… but it will count your THIS! votes.