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By on Apr 20th

SNAPS! (Tel Aviv - Finger snap stencil © by Whistling in the Dark, used under Creative Commons license.)

I'm writing this at 1 in the morning. When you work from home — whether you're a freelancer, a student, or you own your own business — time seems to become relative rather than objective. Weekends become workdays, work hours can go on past midnight, and forgetting what day it is becomes the usual. I'm the copyeditor for the Empire, but I'm also a grad student, so my online and offline lives each include a lot of computer time and late nights.

When I come out of my fog long enough to realize that it's Friday, I remember that the Offbeat Empire meets on Google+ to discuss what's happening on every site. We suggest potential cross-posts to each other, talk about mechanics of the sites, and Ariel updates us on Empire-as-a-whole business. At the end of the meeting, Ariel asks us to share anything we're especially proud of from the previous week. We then snap over the video in long-distance congratulations in lieu of high-fives.

It might sound kind of childish, but believe me: it's awesome. She asks us to reflect on the past week (recognize that time has passed!) and identify things that we may not have realized are accomplishments. Even if I have nothing particularly epic to share, I'm confronted with the past week's activities and I take the time to differentiate between the mundane and the fantastic. One week the accomplishment might be something huge, and another week it could be smaller. The point is recognizing that since another week has passed, you've accomplished something.

Look back on your week, month, or even day, and identify what you're proud of. Then give yourself snaps.

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