Hire the Offbeat Empire to speak at your next event

By on Feb 29th

At Fray Cafe during SXSW

One of my goals for this next year is to get off the internet a bit (…I KNOW!) and actually book some speaking engagements at conferences, workshops, and other tech, media, or wedding industry events.

I can talk about stuff like:

  • How to establish non-irritating web advertising models
  • Branding the fuck out of yourself and your business
  • Why marketing to niches is awesome
  • Not being an asshole: blogging etiquette
  • Ending co-rumination: community management and development
  • Shifting trends in digital publishing
  • Facetime: managing remote staff
  • Learning when to shut the laptop: establishing personal boundaries in self employment
  • Just about anything else I've written about on this here Offbeat Empire blorg.

A couple of my past speaking engagements include:

  • Geek Girl Con 2011: Rocking Your Geek Niche
  • BlogHer Business 2008: Represented Microsoft on "Successful Social Media Outreach" panel
  • Blogher 2007: "Book to Blog and Back Again" panelist
  • SXSWi 2007: Fray Cafe featured storyteller

Don't let the pink hair fool you; before I broke out into self-employed offbeatland, I spent almost 15 years working in corporate marketing for industry biggies like Microsoft, Amazon, and the Seattle Times. I eat, sleep, and breathe web business development all day long, and I bring this enthusiasm to all my conversations and speaking engagements.

And yeah, when I say enthusiasm, I mean it. Anyone who's talked to me for more than 60 seconds knows that I'm all about waving arms and raised eyebrows and hopping up and down, even when I'm talking about dry stuff like SEO, ROI, and CMSs.

If you might want a little Offbeat Empire flavor at your industry event, get in touch!