The rapid growth of Pinterest as a referrer

By on Dec 11th

This is a graph of the number of weekly hits Offbeat Bride has gotten from since April 2011:

The rise of Pinterest as top referrer has been pretty remarkable to watch. At this point, it's consistently one of the top 5 external referrers to Offbeat Bride on any given day. It still amounts for less than 1% of the site's traffic (it's hard to compete with Google, Facebook, and the mysterious magic of StumbleUpon), but Pinterest's quick ascent from "barely there" to "significant contender" has definitely caught my eye as a publisher.

Each site has its own Pinterest account, which is pretty heavily used by editors:

Offbeat Bride

Offbeat Home

Offbeat Mama

…and I've got a lot of schemes in the works for how we'll be using Pinterest more actively on the new Offbeat Bride Tribe, including "pin drives," where we'll use our readers to help us source photos that we can then feature in posts.


It just keeps climbing. Pinterest is now Offbeat Bride's top referrer, more than Facebook and StumbleUpon combined:

Oh, and the "Pin Drives" I mentioned have become a huge hit with readers.