One more reason why I don't do giveaways Empire blogs

By on Dec 5th

Proceed with cuation © by Ev0luti0nary, used under Creative Commons license.

We stopped doing giveaways on all the Empire blogs a couple years back because they were a huge pain in the ass to administer, made my websites liable for other people's products, gummed up our commenting systems, and weren't really of any lasting value in terms of traffic or promotions.

But a reader just emailed me about this post which details the way in which many blog giveaways are actually legally sweepstakes, and as such they're subject to a LOT of rules and legislation. This means, if you do a giveaway wrong, you better LOOK OUT.

Liability concerns were just one of the reasons I hated hosting blog giveaways, but it looks like it's an even bigger issue than I knew. Bloggers: proceed with caution.